Drug Effect of Bananas

Banana is the most available fruit which can supply the body with rich nutrition and vitamins, make the skin smooth and shiny, make you become vigorous and live longer. In recent years, scientific research revealed some new findings of this fruit in terms of its drug effect.

Reduce the level of serum cholesterol

High level of cholesterol will cause coronary heart disease. However, the stalk of banana has a role in lowering cholesterol levels. Those with high level of serum cholesterol may slice stalks after washing and then steep them in the boiling water. Drink that for 10 to 20 days. In this way, you can gradually reduce cholesterol levels.

Prevention and cure of gastrointestinal ulcers

Those who suffer from gastrointestin`l ulcers may often be troubled by gastric bleeding. Banana contains a chemical substance that can prevent gastrointestinal ulcers, for it can stimulate the growth and reproduction of gastric mucosal cells, leading to produce more gastric mucosa to protect the stomach.

Treatment of hypertension

Patients who have hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease often have more sodium but less potassium in the body. However, bananas are rich in potassium. Potassium ion has a role in inhibiting the constriction of blood vessels as well as the damage by sodium ion. Moreover, bananas can maintain the sodium-potassium balance and acid-base balance of the body, which makes nerve muscles to maintain normal and muscle, coordinates the myocardial contraction. So to eat 3 to 5 bananas a day benefit patients suffering from hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

Treatment of depression

Bananas contain a substance that helps the brain produce 6 - HT, making people become happy, active and open. For patients suffering from depression, they can reduce depression by eating more bananas. In this way, they can get rid of the mood of pessimism, desperation, world-weariness and impatience.

Treatment of skin pruritus

Banana skin contains a substance that can inhibit the breeding of bacteria and epiphyte. Experimental results show that the banana skin has a good effect on the treatment of skin pruritus or beriberi. So fresh banana skin can greatly relieve itching.

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