Bearded Dragon Facts

Some of these handy Bearded Dragon facts could help you make sure your new Beardie has a long and healthy life. If you're already an old hat at keeping these pet lizards, there are a few tips you can glean from the facts to give your pet a life of contentment. Go through the checklist and make sure you have these suggestions covered. Since home is where the heart is, let's start with your lizard's home.

What makes the best home for a Beardie? There are different types of homes for a pet Beardie but the one that's best for yours is the one he thrives in. An enclosure that's too small is not good, especially for an adult Beardie no matter how much money you spend on it or how nicely you take care of the inside of it.

Don't make the mistake of buying your Beardie's home based on his juvenile size. Just ask teens outgrow bedrooms with cute little kid themes, so do reptiles outgrow their once suitable area.

Within this place for him to call home, you're going to have to place a way to keep an eye on how warm or cold his surroundings get. Beardies cannot handle wild swings in temperatures and you don't want to wait until you notice he's acting sick before you realize there's a problem.

These Bearded Dragon facts [] can help you try to stay on top of situations in the enclosure before they affect your Beardie. Make sure your lizard has a way to perch near the warm side of the tank. If you notice pictures of Beardies in the wild, you'll see them sitting in the sun on rocks.

This isn't so they can work on a tan but rather because they use the warmth of the sun to help regulate their inner temperature. That's also why they need a cool side to the tank. When they get too warm, they know instinctively to seek shade. You can replicate the warmth for him by using a light source but for the cooling off part, you'll need to give him a shelter in the cage.

Since Beardies are healthy eaters, many new owners make the mistake of thinking they can eat anything or any type of insect. They mistakenly feed their pet insects like hard shelled beetles that can lodge in the Beardie's digest tract and cause not only discomfort but health issues requiring the services of a veterinarian.

Even though not all of them are poisonous, spiders also are not good for a Beardie. It can be too difficult to tell which ones will cause him to become ill and which ones won't, so it's best to avoid them all. Give your Beardie a choice of vegetables-avoid certain parts of the plant like the tomato vines and stems-and also give your Beardie a selection of fruits but without the seeds.

Learn as much as you can about how to make your exotic pet thrive from sites like because knowing the right Bearded Dragon facts can help you give the kind of care in captivity that your Beardie would get in the wild.

Tomato Rotation


I never thought much of crop rotation in my small vegetable garden and especially never thought to rotate tomatoes, except I did rotate my potatoes. A little research showed that I should not only be rotating potatoes, but also my tomatoes and the rest of my vegetable garden.

Why Rotate And The History Of Crop Rotation

There are a couple of reasons to rotate crops. One reason is to return nutrients to the soil that was removed by the previous years crop. Another reason is to prevent the build up of organism and pests that are attracted to one type of crop.

Rotation of crops is not new and has been around since ancient times. Based on literature from the era of the Romans, it was done in their time. It started off with a two-crop field rotation, where one field was planted and the other left fallow for the year. Then the next year the planted field was left fallow and the field not planted the year before was planted.

In the 19th century it was found that instead of leaving a field fallow to restore nutrients, planting the field with different crops could restore the nutrients to the soil that were removed by the crops in the previous year. With this discovery the fields could be utilized every year, allowing for more crops each year.

Tomato Rotation

The key to any crop rotation is not to plant the same family of plants in the same place year after year. Family means those plants have something in common with each other.

The tomato belongs to the Solanaceae family, which has such common household names a potatoes and peppers.

So in planting tomatoes, do not plant potatoes, eggplant or peppers in that spot the next year. Try planting lettuce or cabbage the year after you plant tomatoes.

Rotation In A Greenhouse

I had a greenhouse in Alaska, and because of the cold weather, I had to plant tomatoes in the greenhouse. This was because the soil outside never really warmed up during the summer.

Rotating the tomatoes in the greenhouse was a must, because the soil in the greenhouse could not receive the nutrients provided by the environment. So one year I would plant cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes and then the next year rotate them.

I also changed the soil out about every five years. What I would do is take the soil out of the greenhouse and place it in a corner of my property and then take the soil I had taken out five years previously and place back in the greenhouse.

This gives my greenhouse fresh soil to grow better vegetables.


Rotation of tomatoes is important to prevent depleting nutrients and growing organisms that may be detrimental to the plants. Growing crops not in the same family as tomatoes will restore nutrients to the soil.

I have placed a picture of my greenhouse and a picture of a cabbage I grew in my greenhouse in Alaska at this site The cabbage is over 35 pounds!

Tomato Juice Benefits

Tomatoes are those vegetables that are enjoyed by many people. Tomatoes are popularly used in various salads as well as many dishes and they can even be juiced. It is a popular myth that juicing the tomatoes reduces their nutritional value - this is just what it is: a myth. Tomatoes do not lose the important nutrients they contain after you put them through a juice extractor. There are many benefits to be gained from tomato juice but one needs to make sure that the tomatoes used in juicing are 100% organic.

Before you start juicing tomatoes, it is important to remove the peels because it is easier to process through the juicer. Tomatoes are rich in a list of nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, iron, iodine, potassium, copper, zinc, fluoride, Vitamin A, C, organic acids and many more.

Juicing tomatoes and drinking tomato juice reduces risk of cancer especially prostrate cancer and another important benefit of drinking this juice is that it reduces heart diseases and makes the heart and blood vessels stronger. Juicing your tomatoes to create juice and consuming it on a daily basis can also help with weight control. Most of us are always striving to reduce our weight and tomato juice can do that for us because it helps us suppress hunger. Juicing tomatoes also stimulates the metabolism and tomato juice can be used on the skin to treat it for imperfections. It makes our immune system stronger as well. The benefits from tomato juice will only be evident once it is consumed on a regular basis. If you decide to have it once a month or seldom, you will not be able to completely reap its benefits. Tomato juice is easy to make because the tomato is soft and will quickly be processed by a juicer.

Like mentioned before, a juicer at home can do the job for you very quickly. If you have the best juicer selling in stores at the moment, then you can be sure that it will produce top quality juice and also won't pose a threat of breaking down any time soon. Because it is recommended that you drink spinach juice every day to get the most benefits, you cannot have a poor quality juicer that may break down in a couple of months. Make sure you spend that bit of extra money to buy the best juicer that the market offers so you are not in a situation like this.

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Drug Effect of Bananas

Banana is the most available fruit which can supply the body with rich nutrition and vitamins, make the skin smooth and shiny, make you become vigorous and live longer. In recent years, scientific research revealed some new findings of this fruit in terms of its drug effect.

Reduce the level of serum cholesterol

High level of cholesterol will cause coronary heart disease. However, the stalk of banana has a role in lowering cholesterol levels. Those with high level of serum cholesterol may slice stalks after washing and then steep them in the boiling water. Drink that for 10 to 20 days. In this way, you can gradually reduce cholesterol levels.

Prevention and cure of gastrointestinal ulcers

Those who suffer from gastrointestin`l ulcers may often be troubled by gastric bleeding. Banana contains a chemical substance that can prevent gastrointestinal ulcers, for it can stimulate the growth and reproduction of gastric mucosal cells, leading to produce more gastric mucosa to protect the stomach.

Treatment of hypertension

Patients who have hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease often have more sodium but less potassium in the body. However, bananas are rich in potassium. Potassium ion has a role in inhibiting the constriction of blood vessels as well as the damage by sodium ion. Moreover, bananas can maintain the sodium-potassium balance and acid-base balance of the body, which makes nerve muscles to maintain normal and muscle, coordinates the myocardial contraction. So to eat 3 to 5 bananas a day benefit patients suffering from hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

Treatment of depression

Bananas contain a substance that helps the brain produce 6 - HT, making people become happy, active and open. For patients suffering from depression, they can reduce depression by eating more bananas. In this way, they can get rid of the mood of pessimism, desperation, world-weariness and impatience.

Treatment of skin pruritus

Banana skin contains a substance that can inhibit the breeding of bacteria and epiphyte. Experimental results show that the banana skin has a good effect on the treatment of skin pruritus or beriberi. So fresh banana skin can greatly relieve itching.

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Benefits of Banana

We always have a concept that certain kinds of foods are fattening such as chocolate, butter and ice cream etc. If we are to lose weight, we need to avoid them. Banana is one of them. However, we are to analysis to you about the benefit of banana in slimming and also our health.

Banana contains 3 types of sugar which is sucrose, fructose and glucose. Additional to the sugar content, it also contains fiber. 2 bananas can provide us the energy that we need for 90 minutes of intense exercise. Besides providing energy, it also helps to prevent many diseases and resolve some symptoms that we may have.

   1. Depression: In a recent research, one with depression will feel a lot better after taking banana. This is due to the amino acid content that helps to induced
   2. Anemia: It contains high level of iron which increases the level of hemoglobin in our blood.
   3. High blood pressure: High level of potassium but low in sodium (salt) is the perfect food to lower the blood pressure and chance of stroke. In a medical report published in The New England Journal of Medicine, if we are taking banana in long term, we will be able to reduce the chance of strokes by 40%.
   4. Tension: While we are tense, metabolism rate will increase Vitamin Bs contain will soothes the tensed nervous system. Potassium content in banana also can help to replenish whatever we have consumed. It is also one of the important elements to adjust our heart rate. By reducing our heart rate, our metabolism rate will be slower.
   5. Obesity: Most of the obesity problems are due to pressure. People will eat to release pressure. To prevent this, we need to eat high carbohydrate food every 2 or 3 hours in order to lower the sugar level in our blood.
   6. Gastric: Due to its soft texture and high sugar content, it will help to neutralize the gastric acid and ease the pain.
   7. Concentration: High potassium level also helps us to focus and hence increase the ability to learn.

We all have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But do you know that banana contains 4 times more protein, 2 times more carbohydrates, 5 times more vitamin A and iron as compare to apple. Maybe now we should consider to change it to a banana a day keeps the doctor away~

Banana Health Benefits

It is thought that banana possesses a superior effect on kids and even adults having loose on their bowel movements. Fiber content of banana makes it a superior support in restoring the proper bowel movement devoid of the ill consequence of a medicine. In addition, with its soft surface and tasty flesh, it is applied as nutritional food battling intestinal disarray and unceasing ulcer cases. In over-acidity situations, bananas facilitate to stabilize its situation and decreases annoyance by covering the walling of the stomach.

For smokers, taking banana at least one piece a day, according to some beliefs, can provide an additional two seconds of its life. Since every stick of a cigar removed one second of the smoker's existence, taking banana after finishing every stick of cigar, can offer another second of its life. The superior degrees of some vitamins and minerals like vitamin B6, B12, potassium and magnesium enclosed in bananas, are also valuable to populace attempting to end up smoking by giving them support to recuperate from the consequence of nicotine extraction.

In rural and some urban areas of the Philippines, kids are using banana leaves to wrap their foods as "baon" to schools. Rice wrapped with banana leaves smells so good and tasty, and according to those who engaged, taking its lunch meal will be enjoyed even in the absence of viand or dish. The traits of using portions of banana like materials for food wrappers or children playthings, as well as its function in some ceremonies, has been reduced and has been typically substituted by plastics or some easier-to-find materials. However, there is an effort to preserve the art of adornment from portions of banana, particularly for customary ceremonial reasons, as it is believed to a fine art from early Thai folk knowledge. In addition, its function as a nourishing fruit has turn broadly recognized.

Banana is principally traded and is recognized as significant in the world. In the manner of capacity they are the initially distributed fruit, they stand second in rank following citrus fruit in expressions of cost. As a fragile commodity, banana is said to be a very important product on economic, social, environmental and political foundation. Bananas are as well very consumable goods for some emergent states, mutually with wheat, rice or corn, for this reason, banana bears the importance of food assurance. Various principal banana generating nations, like India or Brazil, are scarcely engaged in banana global business. In fact, a fraction of around one fifth of the entire banana production is globally marketed. However, the contribution of banana traffic in global banana production raised gradually in the last decades. The international banana market shows a highly regional character.

Exporting nations stand on banana commerce as a very significant foundation of profit, employment and distribution revenues. Particularly those emergent nations in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as in Asia and Africa. Provided by the statistical information, total worth of world banana traders as of 2006 is $5.8 billion, creating them visibly a very important resource of revenues to various nations. A solid connection subsists linking banana-generated profit and household food assurance. Distribution quantity or price variations produces about profit modifications for those completely engaged in banana production, both as small scale growers and as workers on banana farm plantations.

Aside from being a nourishing, banana is confirmed and proven to possess various remedial traits as it encloses several kinds of vitamins and minerals. Thus, it can aid conquer and avert some forms of sickness. The opulent dietary contents expressed below illustrates many benefits of bananas

Banana is strongly advised by physicians for patients having low level of potassium, because of its remarkable potassium content. A study has illustrated that the potassium-packed fruit can aid augments brain supremacy and awareness for kids in their education practices. Superior in potassium, yet low in salt, banana can as well support to lesser blood pressure and moderate the hazard of mortality by strokes as much as 40%. It can also facilitate to regulate the heartbeat, transmit oxygen towards the brain and control the body's water equilibrium.

Tryptophan can alleviate one's emotional situation of a person due to its cooling traits. In some traditional cultures, banana is thought to be as 'cooling fruit' that can lesser both the corporal and cerebral warmth of expectant mothers.

It is thought that pregnant woman who takes bananas offers support on her baby to be delivered with a cool temperature. In addition, an expected mood booster trait enclosed in tryptophan can as well aid victims of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Banana is superior in iron that can motivate the generation of hemoglobin within the blood. Therefore, it offers assistance in cases of anemia.

The B vitamins enclosed in bananas can assist quietness in nervous system. Furthermore, its vitamin B6 also executes a significant function in controlling blood glucose rates, which is connected to a person's temper condition. Thus, its function in stabilizing blood glucose rates can as well support to prevent morning sickness and hangovers.

Though banana is not the single fruit that tenders remedial property, but its skin is as well applied as a natural substitute for treating bites and warts. The inner portion of a banana peel can be used to apply to mosquito bites to lessen inflammation and pain prior to applying an insect bite cream. It is as well applied to remove wart by putting its peel on the wart with the aid of plaster or surgical tape.

Taking banana can as well be created into some forms of desserts, like glazed bananas, fried bananas dipped in butter, buat chi bananas (bananas boiled in coconut milk), roasted bananas, candied bananas, etc.


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Six Popular Fruits in South China

Fruit is an eternal topic for most people, no matter when and where. Spanning a wide latitude of nearly 50 degrees between the Torrid Zone and the North Temperate Zone, China especially South China area is endowed with much advantage in fruit planting. Leave some common fruits such as apple and banana aside, some growing in South China are probably fresh to westerners.

1. Jackfruit

Country of origin: India

Jackfruit, a world-famous tropical fruit originally planted in ancient India, was introduced to China during Tang Dynasty (618-907). Growing up to 15-20 meters, the trees usually produce fruits ranging from 5 kg to 20 kg (some even exceed 50 kg) on their trunk. The rind of Jackfruit is covered with small pointed cones. It is the ripe sarcocarp wrapping the seeds offer the delicacy (the unripes can be cooked as vegetable), but the seeds are also edible after being poached.

2. Durian

Country of origin: Malaysia

Some people often take jackfruit for durian in China because of their similar outsides. As a matter of fact, durian is lighter and has thicker cones that prevent people from catching it by bare hands. Many people are usually scared of the strong smell of its sarcocarp, which is described to be "the mix of sour cheese and onion with a little bit turpentine" by some people. For this reason it is prohibited to in some public places. However, the increasing crowd of its die-hard fans proves it again that delicious food never deserted by gastronomes.

3. Mangosteen

Country of origin: Malaysia

Known as "queen of fruit" in China, mangosteen trees are widely planted in Southeast Asian countries. The price of it is comparatively higher than many other fruits in China as the trees usually take 10 years to fruit after they are planted. A ripe mangosteen is as big as a persimmon, with dark purple and hard peel and garlic clove-like succulent sarcocarp. It is favored by people especially young girls for its sweet and a little bit sour taste and rich nutrition constituent.

4. Pitaya

Country of origin: Central America

Pitaya catches people's sight by its bright rose-colored peel with sparse squamas. Distinctive from most fruits, a pitaya grows on a "tree" that is of Cactaceae instead of an arbor. The sarcocarp is a whole one in white or red with sesame-like seeds. On the other hand, the interesting phenomenon that pitaya trees are found to be planted in the vicinity of many Maya, Inca and Vietnamese temples tempts many people. Is that only a coincidence? Or pitaya has some mysterious relation with religion?

5. Leechee

Country of origin: China

Listed among the "four famous fruits of South China" together with banana, pineapple and longan, leechee is a native fruit of China. In Tang Dynasty of China, the Emperor Tangminghuang used to please his beloved concubine Yang Guifei by ordering the imperial servants to transport leechee from Guangdong in South China to Chang'an in Central China. To ensure that the fruits were still fresh after they got back to the imperial palace, the servants always ride a horse at top speed. This story is considered to be a romance in Chinese history and the favorite leechee breed of the concubine - named Feizixiao - became the best-known In China for over 1000 years.

6. Longan

Country of origin: China

Longan has been treated as a famous and precious local product of South China since the ancient times. A ripe longan is usually 1-2 cm in diameter, with a dark core, white sarcocarp and khaki peel from inside to outside. Chinese think longan has restorative effect as ginseng does, so it is often dried and cooked in soup.

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Best Weight Loss Fruits

The power of super fruits was first realised when Acai Berry supplements arrived on to the weight loss market. This nutritious fruit made consuming a potent dose of antioxidants possible without the need to eat tonnes of fruit and vegetables each day.

In fact consuming enough fruit to get the same amount of antioxidants found in these berries would not be possible for many of us! This has led to consumers turning to super fruit supplements to ensure the consumption of enough antioxidants on a daily basis. The potent weight loss properties of many super fruits have also opened this market up to dieters who are looking to lose those excess pounds.

What are super fruits?

The undisputed king of the super fruits is no doubt the Acai berry, but there is little doubt that what are considered super fruits have grown in recent years. Many berries are not considered a super food and include, maqui berry, goji berries, blackberries, raspberries and even the common strawberry! A number of more exotic fruits have made added to the list too, such as African Mango which is probably familiar to many to the more obscure and recent Baobab fruit.

It seems that what classifies as a superfruit is the antioxidant content contained, which is revealed by ORAC Rating (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity) table. The ORAC table measures the antioxidant content and so can rank superfruits in order of potency. The highest ORAC values have been seen in Maqui berries and Acai berries, explaining why these berries dominate the superfruit supplements on the market today. Surprisingly you see fewer maqui berry supplements on the market today despite it containing the highest ORAC rating! That said, the discovery of maqui berry has been a recent one.

Benefits of super fruits for weight loss

Many consumers are realising that by taking a super fruit supplement you can get the benefits of a traditional diet pill along with boosting the number of antioxidants in your diet. Antioxidants have been shown to "mop up" the damage done by free radicals, which occur during normal cellular activity.

Antioxidants have also been linked to preventing cancer, although scientific evidence is still being collated to scientifically prove the link. Other benefits such as clearing up the build up of toxins in the body have been proven, suggesting you can protect against illness and boost your immune system response.

Best weight loss fruits on the market

No doubt the leading super fruit on the market is the Acai Berry. This amazing berry has been around the longest and has seen literally hundreds of supplements make sure of this potent ingredient.

With so many Acai supplements on the market how do you know which one will work for you? Good question, there have been many fake Acai supplements on the market and so you are right to be wary. Thankfully there are some good quality Acai berry products on the market that have been proven to work.

One of the best Acai diet pills has been seen to be Acai Plus Extreme, which combines the potent berry with two clinically proven weight loss ingredients, Green Tea Extract and Acetyl L-Carnitine. The addition of these two ingredients mean you get enhanced fat burning and a boost in energy levels, so no more feeling tired throughout the day!

You can buy dedicated Acai diet pills, with this supplement you get a better detox weight loss diet pill that does not rely on stimulants to work. It looks like super fruits are here to stay and will grow ever popular as the number of consumers look to improve health and to lose weight.

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Best Anti Aging Fruits

Many people want to age gracefully. Most of us want to preserve our youthful appearance because we want to look as young and pretty as long as we can. This is why most people rely on all sorts of anti aging treatments and products such as anti aging creams that cost an immense amount of money just to help their skin appear youthful. But did you know that one of the best, and not to mention, one of the cheapest ways to achieve that healthy youthful skin is by starting on the inside. As cliche-ish as it may sound, one's diet really goes a long way. Eating green leafy veggies may turn off some people so eating fruits with anti aging properties is a good way to start.

The darker the fruit, the better it is for the skin. Studies have shown that the nutritional value of dark fruits, or black fruits is great for the skin. These fruits include grape seeds, dark berries such as blueberries and blackberries, black grapes, blackcurrants, and mulberries.

1. Grape Seeds. Grape seeds are rich in resveratrol, tannin and flavonoids which are natural antioxidants. These antioxidants effectively help in tightening the skin. Grape seeds are quite unpleasant to the taste though because of its bitterness. You can drink wine as an alternative wherein both the grapes and the seeds are mixed together.

2. Dark Berries. Dark colored berries are oozing with health-giving antioxidants. As a matter of fact, it is actually one of the foods richest in antioxidants. If you eat berries, you will be releasing those antioxidants into your body where they can work to help reverse the damage of time.

3. Black Grapes. These dark-colored grapes are rich in nutrients such as calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C. Black grapes also contain large amounts of amino acids so not only is it good for the skin, but for our overall health as well.

4. Blackcurrant. This dark fruit has very high levels of vitamin C and good levels of potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B5. Blackcurrant oil on the other hand is known for its anti-dryness and anti-inflammatory properties. This is why some people use blackcurrant oil topically on the face to treat acne and other skin problems.

5. Mulberries. Mulberries are rich in minerals and other nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids. When taken internally, mulberries could help in increasing the body's metabolism. A higher metabolism helps speed up skin cell reproduction. When skin cell reproduction is increased, new cells are generated to replace the old ones in a much faster rate hence, the skin would appear younger and rejuvenated.

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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Juicing for Cancer

With health problems becoming an increasingly larger issue in our modern lives, people are constantly looking for ways to improve their health and prevent conditions such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Not only do we need a proper exercise routine, but we also need to ensure that we get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from our diet that our body needs to support our lifestyle. The juicing diet is one of the best ways of improving your health and overall wellness; and you can even lose additional weight as well. Juicing fresh fruit and vegetables will not only improve your energy levels but will also help to protect your body against heart disease, cancer and digestive problems. It is very cost effective and you can easily find your favourite fruit and veggies at almost any supermarket or health store.

Cancer is a very real issue in our lives; and many people have chosen to take up juicing for cancer. Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables have been proven to significantly improve the health of cancer patients; as well as reduce their risk of heart disease. It improves ones vitality and helps your body to fight off infections; strengthening your immune system. They contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre and amino acids; and helps your body to maintain healthy and strong.

One of the best foods to fight against cancer is tomatoes; they are very high in beta-carotene and antioxidants; which helps to prevent and reduce a lot of cancers such as breast, lung and prostate cancer. To get the maximum benefit from tomatoes, use them when they are bright red. The deeper the red colour, the more beta-carotene and lycopene it contains. Organic tomatoes usually contain about three times the amount of antioxidants than regular ones, so choose the organic version when possible. For a large glass of fresh tomato juice you will need roughly 8 medium sized tomatoes; and you can add Tabasco sauce or Cayenne pepper to taste. When juicing the tomatoes, simply blend them until you have a fresh, smooth juice; and you can immediately consume the juice when you are done.

In addition to preventing cancer, juicing is also great to fight against diabetes. Patients with Type 2 diabetes have basically become immune to their own insulin; and fresh fruit and vegetables have been known to help combat this problem. It stabilizes your blood sugar levels and helps to improve your digestive system. Fresh fruit and veggies will also contain Vitamins A, E and the B-group; which is excellent against diabetes and other health issues. Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables will also help to reduce the effects of sunburn; and also promote longevity, fighting the effects of aging.

Fresh juice will give your body all the vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants that your body needs. You will also have more energy and will quickly become an expert in juicing. You can serve your juices to the whole family - which is a great way to start your day!

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